A bit more about me...

My background

My name is Sarah Louise Rosmond, and I was born in the early eighties. Up until the age of four, I lived a normal happy life with my mother and my nan. My mum was very young when she gave birth to me, so my nan had taken me on as her own. She loved having a little person about the house, and I loved my nan dearly.

Everything changed when I was introduced to a small Irish man. Within weeks, we had moved to Ireland, and I was told address this man as my father. Jason turned out to be the most twisted man I would ever encounter, from the age of six to sixteen he sexually abused me, his daughter. The man never liked me from the start, and our first meeting should have been a warning for my mother. It wasn't just sexual abuse this man caused, I had suffered at the hands of his vile temper and manipulated me throughout most of my childhood. The violence would be normalized and ignored, push under the carpet and forgotten about. Much like myself. 

With that being said, it did give me a head start in life. I was able to adapt myself to any given situation. I became strong-minded, and a survivor from the start. 

Abuse of any kind is unacceptable, and I am here to take a stand against these perpetrators, starting with my own... 

How is started writing and why

When I was younger, I had read a few books which had covered the story of sexual abuse. I was a young adult when I realized just how traumatic my childhood had been.

I had always said that I would love to write my own book one day. It was the only way I knew I would be able to get my story heard. I had tried to speak out, even as an adult and was never believed. I was made to feel like I was the one in the wrong like I had asked for all the hurt and pain caused. Even my partners would tell me to keep quiet, saying I had already moved on and to forget about it all. That was never going to happen, so at the age of 30 and finding myself a widowed mother; I began writing as a way of coping with the grief... 

Two years of writing and another year making sure I was ready to finally speak out - My Life in His Hands was born.

Taking action...

Although I was able to write my book and I found it a coping mechanism of sorts, I had never spoken about my childhood in detail. It has taken over 30 years, but I am finally getting the help and support that I have needed my whole life.

I am blown away by all the feedback I am getting and I hope to inspire more people to get in touch, or ask for help when it is needed. I will be working with a local charity in the future and looking forward to helping survivors and educating people the signs and effects of child abuse. 

Abuse comes in all shapes and sizes, and it is possibly one of the hardest situations to walk away from. I just want you to know that you are stronger than you think, and you are never alone. you just need to speak out xoxo 

Taking Action